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Grocery Items I’m Loving

Nothing better than a successful trip to the grocery store, am I right?? My fellow food enthusiasts will understand my excitement to talk about my favorite foods or food combos. One topic near and dear to my heart to hash out after we establish our similar likes/dislikes is . . . *drum roll* . . . healthier substitutes!!

Over the couple of years that I have gotten into eating whole, healthier foods I have noticed that I naturally gravitate toward foods that are high in natural sugars & healthy fats . . . not sure if that necessarily makes my choices the best but hey at least it’s natural, am I right?!? Nonetheless, recently I have been searching out foods that have a generally low amount of added sugar. I feel most comfortable when I am putting whole & fresh foods into my body, and I don’t believe that anything with loads (or any, for that matter) of added sugar is something that I need to be putting into my body.

After some trial & error, I have narrowed down which substitutes I have been absolutely loving!

1. Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter – 100% peanuts! Peanut butter has been & will always be a top 5 favorite food in my book. As everyone knows, Jif peanut butter – although delicious – is chock full of a bunch of additives and fats that I can’t even pronounce. Not Crazy Richard’s! No added sugar, 0 grams trans fat, and 8 grams of protein in one serving. The only ingredient in this thing is peanuts. Literally. I switched because I enjoy knowing that I’m not putting any fabricated fats into my body and everything is coming from the naturally-fatty source. This sole ingredient tends to make the peanut butter a little blander than Jif, but nothing a little bit of cinnamon or agave can’t fix!

-1.5: PB2 – LOVE to put this powder in my smoothies just because it blends a lot easier than a clump of regular PB does. 85% less fat – 50 calories in 2 tablespoons of the powder compared to 190 calories of regular!

2. Oikos Triple Zero Greek Yogurt – 0 added sugar, 0 artificial sweeteners, 0% fat. Plus 15 grams of protein & 6 grams of fiber packed into this lil yogurt cup! Yogurt will always have some level of sugar in it, but minimizing the amount added is what I was looking for here. I love high-protein items so greek yogurt was the perfect swap! My favorite flavors are vanilla, strawberry and mixed berry.

3. Fresh Deli Meat – OK this one might sound like “DUH” but recently I’ve switched from buying the prepackaged deli meat to getting my turkey sliced right before my very eyes from the deli itself. Is it even a surprise that it tastes sooooo much better? Not at all. When I’m at home with my parents we never have prepackaged deli meat so I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it until now, but I think during the first two years my inner lazy college self got the best of me.

4. Kodiak Cakes – Protein pancakes? Count me IN. I love myself a good flapjack, but as pathetic as it sounds I would never let myself eat them because I convinced myself they were too carby and unhealthy — thank u, NEXT. Wandering the wonderful aisles of Target, I happened upon these babies and didn’t even think twice about grabbing a box. 100% whole grain wheat & oat flour, a serving of these pancakes can offer you 14, 16, or 18 grams of protein depending on whether you add water, milk, or both milk and one egg (respectively). No added sugar! I’ve only tried the buttermilk flavor, but I am dying to try the peanut butter, almond poppyseed & cinnamon oat flavors.

5. RxBar – The texture of these bars gets to some people, but not me! I rather enjoy the odd texture in all honesty. Unlike most granola/protein bars on the market, RxBars have no added sugar. They are higher in sugar, but thats because they are using dates and other natual sweeteners to spice it up a bit. I like to eat them after exercising because they have 12 grams of protein in one bar!

6. GNC Earth Genius Smart Greens – Ahhhhh my greens. Love, love, LOVE. Every morning I mix a scoop of the Smart Greens with a glass of water. I’ve heard that some people mix their greens with orange juice but personally have never had the courage to try. I’ve had many problems with bloating in the past and have found that drinking this daily helps with my digestion and bloating issues. Also a super easy way to get in a serving of veggies!!

These items are definitely a staple in my pantry now and I love to know that I am familiar with the ingredients and with putting it into my body. If you guys have any other suggestions about food that you love, I would be happy to hear from you! Stay happy & healthy 🙂 xxoo

2 thoughts on “Grocery Items I’m Loving”

  1. I’d love to hear what else you put in your smoothies with PB2!! I heard about the all natural just peanut, peanut butter… life changing! ALSO! Was at Costco yesterday and found the same brand – Kodiak cakes but it’s premade waffles!! I scooped them up. So excited to try!! You inspire me ❤️

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