U.S. Bucket List

Spring is just around the corner and the travel-itch is hitting me like a ton of bricks. One thing I was looking forward to about 2019 is the amount of travel I’ll be doing – granted it’s still not that much – and my excitement is finally catching up with me. Every day I look up things to do and places to see in other cities in my imaginary life full of spare time and leisure money.

Well one day, in my real life, when I do have more time and money on my hands, I hope to travel all around the world. There is an long and endless list of places that I hope to see someday, but I try to keep a short-term list in mind that are probably more attainable to visit at this point in my life (considering cost and other factors). In no particular order…

  1. Nashville – The picture in my mind of my girlfriends and I in the music city is so clear I can almost touch it. This one is actually near the top of my bucket list – hoping to get there by the time I’m 24!
  2. Washington D.C. – I begged my parents to take me here when I was younger, but they knew me well enough to tell me no because all that walking would for sure provoke a tantrum out of me. We planned on going when my brother and I were older, but life got in the way and I still haven’t been there. I want to see all of the historic monuments & stop at Georgetown Cupcakes while I’m in the area.
  3. Seattle – The Twilight Saga peaked my interest in Seattle and Fifty Shades of Grey gave me a little more to work with, but Grey’s Anatomy totally set my heart on it. I don’t even care that it’s infamously one of the country’s rainiest cities – that won’t keep me from Pike Place Market or the first ever Starbucks!
  4. San Francisco – When I picnic in the park across the street from the Full House house, that’s when I know I’m living. The charming and colorful houses in SanFran seem perfectly photogenic! I’d also love to catch a baseball game or ride the ferry to tour Alcatraz.
  5. Salt Lake City – I can’t really explain this one, I’ve just always felt a need to go here. I think I was in awe of the world’s largest salt water lake, but when I heard that HSM’s East High was located in SLC I knew I had to go see it for myself.
  6. Vail – I’ve never been a skier or snowboarder, but the first thing I’m doing after college is over is having my boyfriend teach me how to ski! My aunts, uncles and cousins take trips to go skiing but my parents never got us into it. I want to take an extravagant trip to Vail to go skiing and spend hours around the fireplace in the lodge after – it’s odd but has always been a bucket list item!
  7. Boston – This, THIS is why I cannot sleep at night! My first trip of the year, my first trip without my parents, & my first trip with only my boyfriend — to a city that I’ve wanted to visit for as long as I can remember. The same day as my last exam of the semester we are flying out for a little weekend vacay before we split for the summer. I have been scouring Pinterest high and low for historic landmarks, coffee shop & restaurant reviews and other must-dos while visiting (check out my travel board!). If anyone has any suggestions at all about Boston I would love to hear – we love history, food & are hoping to find some good pastries!

I’m excited to get this semester out of the way because it means many new places and adventures this summer. Meanwhile, I’ll be spending most of my time on Pinterest planning my trip to Boston and searching for other fun things to do elsewhere. If you have been to any of these places, please give me some insight! What places are on your bucket list?? Comment below, I’d love to hear 🙂 xo

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