HOW TO: Organize & Declutter with Me

I have never felt a stronger sense of need to purge my closet of all the pointless crap that I’ve gathered over the years than I’ve felt this spring season. And yes, you read that correctly – YEARS, guys. Earlier this month I was searching through my clothes and finally came to realize that I still owned clothes from my early years of high school. Things that I probably wore once and never came back to, but kept it hanging there for that magical rainy day that I would maybe decide to wear it again (emphasis on maybe).

That happens with me a lot. I have the worst case of the “this might come in handy some day” or “what if I get rid of it and then regret it” lies that you tell yourself. I can promise you wholeheartedly that if you make a 5-second-decision right then & there (thanks Mel Robbins!), you will barely remember what that shirt from 2015 looked like. Let me remind you: that was FOUR years ago! I bet you won’t even remember that it’s gone.

My closet BEFORE

After registering that I had so many useless articles of clothing, I decided to try and sell some (to no avail – Poshmark didn’t help like I hoped it would). I went through my clothes the first time with a half-assed effort and when I was finished, I hadn’t even made a dent and my closet was still a mess. That’s when I decided it was time to get down to BIZ. I wrote down three easy questions that would firmly decided “yay” or “nay” and finally started to see some progress happening. In the mood of spring cleaning, I thought I’d share to show you guys how I organize & declutter!

When’s the last time I wore this? To me, anything longer than 6 months is a red flag (a lot of my clothes I hadn’t worn yet in college and I’m a junior . . . yikes). I split my clothes into three piles: absolute yes, maybe, and no it’s gotta go. If it hadn’t been worn since I got to college, sayonara sister. Pieces worn a couple of times were thrown into “maybe” and pieces that I wear often went back on their hangers.

Where did I last wear this? I found so many tank tops that I wore to Summerfest one, single time & never thought about again. Let me ask you something – how many times a year does Summerfest come around? The answer is once for those of you who don’t know, and each year the music festival fashion trends change drastically. For the “maybe”s, if the activity you would wear it to happens only once or twice a year, I’d say you could probably find something else to wear that is also more trendy. Toss those babies into the “no”, or straight into the garbage so you don’t second guess yourself.

Did you even remember you owned this? (most important). This question should be the final tip of the iceberg if you are still debating a certain piece. When you thought about an outfit for any occasion, did this one come to mind? Did you even know that you still had it? This one cemented the decision for me. Many of the pieces were barely familiar, so I knew that I wouldn’t miss them. SEE YA!

My closet AFTER

Using this method, I successfully cleaned out my closet and my skincare/lotions of all the pieces or products that I will most likely never use. Clothes, shoes, make-up, lotions, jewelry, you name it. If I’m being honest, I really had to lay down the law with myself and stop saying “maybe” or “what if”, which was difficult at first but got easier as I went along. My room has honestly never looked more put together! It’s so oddly satisfying that I can’t stop admiring my work haha. So, if you’re struggling to clean out the closet or make-up rack, put these questions to work and don’t let yourself off easy! Best of luck, happy cleaning 🙂


Talk soon, xo 🙂

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