Is My Zodiac Sign For Real?

It’s our time my Gemini babies!! May 21st marked the start of the Gemini season and boy am I glad to hear that (inching closer to my 21st birthday!). Since I was young I found it entertaining to read up on zodiac signs and investigate whether the stereotypical Gemini traits matched up to my true self. Naturally, a normal human being is going to catch themselves agreeing with every positive trait listed – I am clever, outgoing, intelligent, and quick-witted, aren’t I?! Definitely not anxious or superficial, psh ya right. I also loved to check out if my “perfect match” sign aligned with the sign of my elementary school crushes, often to no success. :/

In honor of the 2019 season, I thought it would be fun to revisit the listed traits and characteristics of a classic Gemini and check out my horoscope for the year. I don’t take these things too seriously, but I have to admit that sometimes there does seem to be some coincidental correlations in my case.

So basically, a Gemini is characterized by “the Twins” named Caster and Pollux, meaning that they have two different sides they can show the world. One being the life of the party and the other being deep and emotional. says “Energetic and quick-witted, Gemini never gets stuck in the past . . . they move forward with glass-half-full optimism and an ability to always look on the bright side in nearly any situation.” I relate so closely with this! It’s funny because as I was reading I kept thinking about State of Beck and what my blog is all about: spreading good vibes and creating optimistic perspectives! I’m always looking for the bright side. The emotional side of a Gemini runs deep and also needs attention. “Gemini like time by themselves to read, create, daydream, and come up with other ways of sharing their gifts with the world” – This is also totally me. I love to go out and spend time with friends, but I often find myself eager to stay in on a Friday night and chill, maybe watch a movie or read a book. It’s kind of two opposite ends of the spectrum; it can give life the best of both worlds, but it also pulls me in two different directions at once which can lead to some FOMO.

Like I said above, it’s super easy to find yourself relating to the positive characteristics of a horoscope. I also see myself with one of a Gemini’s greatest challenges, which is sometimes being labeled as two-faced because rather than confronting a conflict head on, they talk to their friends about it to try to figure it out. I often find myself avoiding conflict (something that I’m working to improve) and gathering information from friends, rather than the person who is primarily part of said conflict. This can create messy situations among many people who did not need to be brought into it – and it can all be avoided if you go straight to the source. I’ve learned the tough way and am learning from my experiences!

Overall, I have found that my zodiac sign is quite accurate in explaining my personality and characteristics, but I’m sure many people find that their sign stereotypes couldn’t be further from the truth. Read up on the details of Gemini or any other sign traits by clicking on the button below! It’ll take you straight to, which is where I got all of my information. REMEMBER – these traits are general and not always correct, so don’t let it deter your true personality and who you are. Let me know what you discover!

My cousin was wearing an adorable gold Scorpio pendant necklace the other night at dinner, which was another inspiration to check out my own sign. I’m thinking of getting myself a Gemini pendant. . . any suggestions of where to look?

2 thoughts on “Is My Zodiac Sign For Real?”

  1. there’s more then one sign by the way!! have you heard of looking up your birth chart? id recommend going to astro charts . com, all you need to know is exactly what time you were born, place and date. astrology is a lot more vast and in detail then it appears 🙂

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