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4 Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors in Milwaukee

Living in a city is super fun – so many things! Especially in Milwaukee during the summer. For those of you who are also from the Midwest, we know the pain of living half the year inside due to snow and cold, so summers are JAM PACKED.

One of my favorite things about living in the city is that I can walk practically anywhere. I leave my car parked for whole weekends! Sometimes when I’m walking around, though, I catch myself overwhelmed by how grey and dirty my surroundings are. There’s garbage on the curb, car exhaust darkening the air. Grey roads, sidewalks and buildings – real dreary if you think about it too hard!

BUT despite these things, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy some fresh air, even when you live in a metro area! Getting outside and putting my phone away does a lot of positive things for my mood and helps to relax me when I’m feeling uptight. I really enjoy any chance I can get to be outdoors, so I’ve compiled a few ideas after living here for the past 7 weeks.

Explore the neighborhood on foot. When I first moved in, I loved to walk around to check out restaurants and coffee stops in the area. Driving through the city, there’s a good chance you’re freaking out about other drivers and primarily focused on making it safely to your destination (as you should be). Driving doesn’t allow you to pay attention to the awesome places you could be passing by, but walking allows you to take note of all the things you could do within walking distance. My roommate and I discovered a CAT CAFE, you guys. If that doesn’t prove my point, I don’t know what will.

Bike the Oak Leaf Trail. You’ll see signs for this guy all over the city – maybe because its 125 miles long! It runs all through Milwaukee county and connects to different trails all over the place. Whether you like to run, bike, hop, skip, or jump, you could do it on here for a long time. It’s literally a block away from my dorm, but I’ll admit that I haven’t even been on the Oak Leaf Trail yet. I want to go for a long run some Sunday afternoon before I move out! I’ve heard great things about it, especially the section that runs down along the lakefront. You can print out a map here 🙂

Pack your beach bag! In Milwaukee, we are fortunate enough to have easy access to plenty of beaches and things to do on the water. There’s always something happening at Bradford Beach – they have sand volleyball courts (try & count them all) and tiki bars located the length of the beach! Be on the lookout for control frisbees or spike-balls lol. If you’re looking for a more chill beach situation, head a little bit north to Atwater Beach in Shorewood – more of a family scene!

Have a picnic in the park. And sit on a red gingham blanket while you’re at it. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – charcuterie board anyone?!? Maybe a bottle of wine for you and the girls? Milwaukee has many parks and green spaces to choose from. It’s a great way to soak up some of the last rays of the day. If you time it right, maybe there’s some live music to listen to! Jazz in the Park in Cathedral Square downtown is every Thursday night in the summer from 5-9pm, and Skyline Music in Kadish Park on North Ave is Tuesdays 5:30-8:30pm!

I’ve thought of so many things that I love to do outside in Milwaukee during my short time here, but these are among the top choices that cost no money at all! In the next couple of weeks I’ll have another post about how to soak up the nice weather in the city at a *reasonable* cost. That list could get prettttttty lengthy!

The outdoorsy activities you love to do might have to be sacrificed a little if you decide you want to live in a big city, but there are definitely still ways to get your fill of nature and sunshine. What are your favorite ways to take advantage of summer weather in the city? Leave a comment or follow my Instagram (@state_of_beck_) so we can chat 🙂


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