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My 30 Days to Healthy Living Experience!

When I tell you guys that it took me WEEKS to decide whether or not I wanted to purchase this program, I am not exaggerating. I bounced back and forth from ‘yes’ to ‘no’ to ‘I really want to‘ to ‘can I even afford it?‘. I talked to my consultant, looked up reviews online (hence why I wanted to write my own) and researched the products that come with the program to see if it was worth my while. Eventually I thought, heck WHY NOT! If I couldn’t get it off of my mind, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to go for it and have my own opinion about it.

Now, I am just finishing up week 4 – the final week – of the 30 days program and I can honestly say I am so satisfied with what I got out of it! Not only do I have leftover product for beyond the 30 days but I also feel so good in my body. It gives you a way to cleanse and detox the gut while barely realizing you are doing it because everything tastes so good.

I wanted to answer some of the questions that I was consistently asking after I decided to do the program:

Will it be enough to sustain me as a college athlete? YES. Being right in the thick of basketball season, I was super worried that I wasn’t going to be getting the nutrients I need to practice and play every day. I didn’t think that 2 shakes a day would be able to keep me full, but I was totally wrong! The key is to pack those babies full of nutrients and make them as much like a meal as you can. For example, my shakes always consist of 2 scoops vanilla protein, 1/2 scoop of fiber boost, a couple tablespoons of milled flax & chia seeds each, almond milk and LOTS of spinach/kale (gotta get those greens in!). From there you get to have a little fun with it – I’d do half an avocado or a spoonful of almond butter for my healthy fat and throw together some sort of berry mixture! I’ve also discovered frozen cherries and fallen in love. For the first week, I really listened to my body and was ready to have a bigger snack if I felt weak or tired, but never had to significantly adjust anything 🙂

It is worth the price? As a collegiate student-athlete with no income, Arbonne can look a little daunting when you see the price tags. The way I saw it was kind of like an investment in my health and well-being, which personally I always think is a worthy purchase! I also like to break it down day by day: for a preferred client it breaks down to around $9.50/per day, which then breaks down to about $4-5 per meal (2 meals per day via shakes). That is WAY less than any meal you could buy at a restaurant plus on the program daily expenses like $tarbuck$ and late night Culvers trips are kicked to the curb. Have you ever calculated how much money you spend per week on pricey coffee?!! Alcohol is also cut out, which is another money-sucking habit. It includes 9 products, a Facebook group that is chock full of meal plans, recipes, snack/grocery lists and a bunch of accountability partners, a free gift (of your choice) and free shipping! So yes, it is a bigger price tag up front but throughout the month, but you find yourself tending to save money because you aren’t ‘treating’ yourself to a cup of coffee every day, stopping for the flavor of the day or buying unnecessary items at the grocery store that you won’t ever eat.

How will I cut out dairy and gluten?! Now THIS was my biggest fear you guys. DAIRY?? I live in Wisconsin for crying out loud. I eat yogurt on the reg and douse my plates with cheese wherever I could. Not to mention I’m also the biggest yes-man for “wanna get ice cream??” The Sunday before my 30 days started, I was super strict with myself. I tossed all of my gluten & dairy (bread, yogurt, pasta, crackers) and artificial sugar (granola bars, candy) containing products. The first thing I noticed was that I LOVED how clean and organized it made my shelf look (when ya live with 4 roommates, a shelf is all ya get!). Sometimes when you pile your pantry full of food, things get hidden, lost and eventually wasted because you never use it. The 30DHL cuts down grocery costs because you are only buying the things you need and only for dinner!

Do I have to follow it to a T? So this one is totally up to each individual. If you want to yield the maximum result and feel the absolute best you can, then being 90-100% perfect is probably the way to go. Personally I would say I was perfect about 70-75% of the time, which I still think is pretty dang good. For example, when we travel for basketball, we always get subs before the game and stop somewhere for food after – normally at a fast food place because it’s late and we have a long bus trip home. In these instances, I didn’t make a fuss about what I was eating. I ordered as I usually would and then woke up the next day ready to hit the ground running again. Also, as a college senior with only a couple more months until graduation (tears), I did not cut out alcohol on the weekends. One night a week did not kill me and I am still feeling great. It is definitely customizable to lifestyle! You don’t have to have a shake for both lunch and dinner every single day – some days you might want a real meal for lunch and dinner and only a shake for breakfast, totally okay. You can tweak as you see fit – you are in control of it all!

After my first 30DHL, I feel more lean and tight in my stomach area – exactly what I was looking for! The program caters to many different things but one in particular stands out: GUT HEALTH. Every single one of these products promotes digestion and ease of movement throughout the body which keeps you very regular (TMI?). Even before this, I was so fixated on gut health and always looking up ways to naturally help digestion through eating the right kinds of foods. When I discovered Arbonne, it seemed like the perfect fit!! Plus, one of the best things about the 30DHL program is that you get to try so many different Arbonne products. That was something that I really wanted to do because I am new to the company. Now, I have tried them for myself, formed my own opinions and can answer questions that others interested also may have. My goal now is to spread the wealth of Arbonne & make others aware of how great these products are & how much your body will love them!!

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